Ford Fokus>> Forward suspension bracket>> Replacement of a rotary fist>> Removal
Removal of a rotary fist spend in the following sequence;
- ослабьте an inhaling of a nut of a nave and nuts of wheels. Thus the assistant should press a brake pedal;
- Lift a forward part of the car and establish on support, reliably having fixed, then remove a wheel;

Fig. 238. Removal of the gauge of speed АВS

- Remove gauge ABS from the holder absorber racks (fig. 238, the marksman);
- Remove a support of a brake hose as it is described, and fix a wire in a wheel niche. Do not bend a brake hose;
- Release a lock bolt of a brake disk and remove a disk from a wheel nave;
- Release a lock washer the directed blows of a hammer (a polymeric hammer) or by means of a stripper;
- Disconnect a tip of steering draught;

Fig. 239. Removal of a spherical support: 1 — a bolt; 2 — a spherical support

- Disconnect a spherical support 2 (fig. 239) on the cross-section lever of a suspension bracket. For this purpose turn away a bolt 1 and disconnect spherical a support from a rotary fist;
- Protect a cover a rag;
- Disconnect амортизаторную a rack from a rotary fist;

Fig. 240. Removal of a rotary fist from a drive of wheels by means of a stripper

- Definitively turn away a nut of a nave of a wheel and remove a rotary fist by means of a stripper with шлицевой parts of the external hinge (fig. 240). It is important to watch, that at this operation the shaft of a drive of wheels was not taken out from an internal SHRUS;
- Fix a drive of wheels a wire in a wheel niche;
- Remove a rotary fist together with the wheel bearing.