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The behaviour of the car substantially depends on tyres on road and active traffic safety. At average loadings the resource of tyres of car Focus usually makes 30 000-50 000 km for forward wheels and about 40 000-70 000 km — for back. If you use the car mainly for short trips, you should replace tyres without dependence from residual depth of a profile not later than in each seven or eight years. In this time the dirt, chemical influence of environment, internal processes of ageing and not in the last instance the sun so wear out tyres that they cannot reliably perform the work any more. Do not trust old tyres, even then, when they look as new, appearance is only a facade.
Ford equips the cars with two types of wheels: according to a complete set and model are established either steel disks, or disks from an easy alloy by dimension 5Jx15 "or 6Jx15". Legkosplavnye disks are delivered, as a rule, in the size 6Jx15 ". Our table shows the sizes which are provided Ford as a standard complete set or as an additional option. What sizes of tyres and disks are comprehensible to your car, is specified in the maintenance instruction. If will wish to change tyres and disks they should be сертифицированны with the corresponding reference to the standard. If the sizes are not specified in the maintenance instruction, learn in service centre Ford. Disks and tyres which are not specified in factory documents in your car, should be brought in them in the form of a mark at official station of checkup.