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Ford Fokus>> Management of the power unit and the fulfilled gases

Fig. 195. The Control system of power unit EEC-V: 1 — the block of management ABS/ESP (Mk20E-I); 2 — the block of management EEC-V with built in block PATS; 3 — the generator; 4 — the relay of inclusion of the fuel pump; 5 — the fuel pump (FP); 6 — the safety relay of the power supply system (IFS); 7 — a fuel atomizer; 8 — the magnetic valve of the coal filter (EVAP); 9 — the valve of adjustment of rotation of a cranked shaft idling (IAC); 10 — муфта the compressor/relay of inclusion of the fan, the conditioner; 11 — the electronic module of ignition, including the ignition coil; 12 — the onboard computer; 13 — the panel of devices; 14 — a diagnostic socket; 15 — an automatic transmission only for the engine of 1,6 l Zetec-SE; 16 — the storage battery; 17 — the ignition switch; 18 — the electrical supply relay; 19 — the relay of a pedal of coupling; 20 — the gauge of speed of the car; 21 — the relay of inclusion of the hydraulic booster of a steering; 22 — a ljambda-probe (HO2S); 23 — the gauge of an angle of rotation of a camshaft; 24 — the gauge of an angle of rotation of a cranked shaft (СКР); 25 — the detonation gauge (KS) for Zetec-SE; 26 — the gauge of temperature of a head of the block (СНТ); 27 — the gauge of position throttle заслонки; 28 — the gauge of the mass expense of air (MAF) with the built in gauge of temperature воздухозабора (IAT)

The engine has electronic control of last generation ЕЕС-V. To decrease in toxicity of the fulfilled gases on the car it is applied three-componental каталитический neutralizer. The engine management block is not served, for revealing and elimination of malfunctions special knowledge and electronic measuring devices (system of diagnostics FDS-2000) are required. At failure detection in system of injection it is better to you to address on service centre Ford. But high lights of engine management to you should be known. It will help you to diagnose correctly malfunction and more precisely to formulate the demand for repair. Further engine management Ford Zetec-SE with electronic system of ignition (without the distributor), an operating procedure of cylinders 1—3—4—2 (fig. 195) will be considered.