Ford Fokus>> the Drive of forward wheels

Fig. 232. A drive of forward wheels: 1 — a protective cover of the external hinge from thermoplastic; 2 — a protective cover of the internal hinge; 3 — an intermediate shaft; 3 — the average bearing of an intermediate shaft

The drive of forward wheels is intended for transfer of a twisting moment from the engine through a transmission on naves of forward wheels (fig. 232).
Both power shafts long enough: the right drive of forward wheels incorporates to a transmission through an intermediate shaft. Each of drives of forward wheels consists of a shaft and two hinges of equal angular speeds: internal and external. Hinges of equal angular speeds do not influence steering wheel vibration.
Noise in a drive of wheels testifies to their deterioration.
Service life of a drive of forward wheels substantially depends on a manner of your driving. Avoid sharp starts with the turned forward wheels. Noise in a drive of wheels signals about its defect, do not hope that in due course they will disappear, and thoroughly be engaged in drive check.
Rhythmical shock or crackling sounds which appear during acceleration or movement by jerks (can vary at turn of operated wheels), testify to the defective hinge from outside wheels. Palpation of a steering wheel during turn — also a sign of defect of the external hinge.
At dispersal of the car with the turned forward wheels and having a defective drive of wheels the characteristic crash is found out.

At the worn out bearing of a nave of a wheel similar noise is shown.