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Fig. 166. Elements of system of greasing of engine Zetec-SE: 1 — the returnable oil channel; 2 — the main oil highway; 3 — oil channels to bearings of a cranked shaft and a rod; 4 — an installation site of the oil filter; 5 — маслоприемная a pipe; 6 — the oil channel from the oil pump to the oil filter; 7 — the oil channel to camshaft bearings in a head of the block of cylinders

Without sufficient greasing the engine would jam"already after several minutes of work. The most thin oil film protects from a destroying friction all dynamic communications and engine mechanisms, for example, pistons and piston fingers, working surfaces of cylinders, rods and radical bearings of a cranked shaft, a detail газораспределительного the mechanism. On fig. 166 elements of system of greasing of engine Zetec-SE are presented.
For maintenance of an oil film in rubbing places oil at the working engine circulates on pipelines and channels. The oil pump takes away oil from oil картера and further distributes on channels of lubricant system to greasing places. For clearing engine oil passes through the oil filter which on car Focus is put right after the oil pump on the main oil highway. The oil filter clears oil of products of deterioration and other foreign impurities. It clears oil until its microscopic paper time will not appear completely are littered by deterioration products.
The oil filter is among account materials and should vary periodically at each change of oil. If the oil filter is littered, engine oil through редукционный the valve continues to circulate in the engine, but already passing the filter. But not filtered oil accelerates deterioration process — first of all pistons and mirrors of the cylinders, rubbing parts of camshafts and a cranked shaft. Under pressure engine oil moves through apertures and channels to the most important places of greasing — radical and шатунным to bearings of a cranked shaft, to basic necks of a camshaft.
Other places of greasing, for example pistons and клапанный a drive, are greased разбрызгиванием.
Other important function of oil is heat removal from greased surfaces. On the way back oil arrives in oil картер through return channels where it is cooled.