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Check level of oil after every third refuelling or a long trip. During a trip or at old engines with the high expense of oil) it is recommended to check oil level each 1000 km. Add oil before oil level will be established in the middle of two labels. In this case in your car does not suffice about 0,5 l.
Check of level of oil spend in the following sequence:
- Check oil level, whenever possible, on the cold engine, before its start-up. Your car should stand on an equal surface. To measure oil level on the hot engine, muffle the engine and allow to it to stand a minimum of 5 minutes that oil has gathered in oil картере;
- Take out the index of level of oil. Be cautious, after work of the engine it can be very hot. Wipe the index rags without small knots or a paper napkin, insert into an aperture, wait a little and again take out;
- If oil level is in the top quarter between marks мin and "move", everything is all right. If level is in the middle between labels, add 0,5 l. If level is below a label min, immediately add oil to necessary level, it about 1 l.
- Pour oil so that its level never exceeded labels "move". Our council: always support level in the top quarter. Too much oil harms to your engine: it starts to search for a free exit through consolidations that leads замасливанию couplings, a pulley of a belt of a drive of auxiliary units, or to get to ventilation system картера;
- Oil add, using a pure funnel.
For the majority of engines of car Focus oil replacement is provided after 15 000 km of run. If you go on the big distances can increase this interval by 5000 km. If go in a city or on short distances, it is recommended to change oil more often. It is necessary to change already after 6000 km of run or time in half a year in its winter.