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Fig. 170. The water pump: 1 — the pump case; 2 — крыльчатка; 3 — a shaft; 4 — consolidation; 5 — a pulley

The water pump forces to circulate cooling жикость on cooling system (fig. 170).
The radiator consists of two tanks connected by set of thin-walled tubes. For increase in a cooled surface between tubes the plates combined by an accordion which select excessive heat are inserted and give to a counter stream of air. The radiator fastens on the top and bottom cross-beams.
The thermostat maintains constant temperature of the engine. New thermostats depending on engine model open at temperatures 85—90 With and are completely open at 99—102 With. At the worked thermostats the admission makes 3 S.Termostat consists of the closed thermoelement filled with special wax, wax extends in a thermoelement and compresses a valve spring, and on the contrary. Only at working temperatures the valve is completely open.
The broad tank is in the right party under a cowl in a movement direction. In it the necessary quantity of a cooling liquid circulating in cooling system is added. Superfluous pressure and the vacuum created in a broad tank, are levelled by the valves which are in a cover of a tank.
The fan of system of cooling has an electric drive.