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Ford orders full replacement of a cooling liquid after ten years or after 240 000 km of run. This rule is valid only concerning firm liquid WSS-M97B44-D (Motorcraft Super Plus 2000).
Replacement spend as follows:
- Dump pressure in cooling system, having opened a cover of a broad tank. Is better it do on the cold engine not to be scalded;
- Put under a radiator reception capacity and remove the bottom hose of a radiator or turn away a drain stopper on the bottom tank of a radiator;
- That the cooling liquid followed faster, uncover a broad tank. Merge a liquid and cover reception capacity;
- Establish the bottom hose (to use a new collar more preferably). Tighten a drain stopper;
- Fill a broad tank recommended Ford with a cooling liquid;
- Start up the engine and allow to it to work on average turns before thermostat opening. Check up level of a cooling liquid in a tank and if necessary add. Liquid level in a tank at working temperature of the engine should remain to constants;
- Close a tank a cover and make the trial trip, air being thus in cooling system should leave;
- After a trial trip open a stopper of a broad tank and allow to work to the engine on average turns before fan inclusion;
- If it is required, add cooling liquid to the top mark;
- Close a cover of a broad tank.

Fig. 172. Check of concentration of a mix of a cooling liquid with use ареометра

The cooling liquid consisting of a mix of antifreeze and water in the ratio of 50 % of each component, provides normal operation of the car to air temperature–30 S.Esli in operation you added in a tank water, given concentration will be already insufficiently to maintain the car at lower temperatures. Check up concentration of a mix with the help ареометра. By experience, addition approximately 3/4 litres of a concentrate of antifreeze raise frost resistance on 10 With (fig. 172).

The prevention
Do not mix the original cooling liquid offered Ford, to other products as they can appear are not compatible on various properties that can lead to corrosion of metal and further to major repairs. Is better completely replace cooling liquid.

Volume and concentration of a filled in cooling liquid in engine Ford
Water volume, l
Volume of a concentrate of antifreeze, l
Total amount of a cooling liquid, l
1,4 l Zetec-SE
1,6 l Zetec-SE
1,8 l Zetec-E
2,0 l Zetec-E
1,8 l Endura
1,8 l Endura-DI

Add cooling liquid in a following order:
- First of all выравните pressure in cooling system, having opened a tank cover, it is better to do it on the cooled engine not to be scalded;
- Put pure reception capacity under a radiator and remove a collar of the bottom hose or turn away a drain stopper of a radiator. Remove a hose from the union;
- That the liquid followed is better, before uncover a broad tank. Merge about 1—2 l of a cooling liquid, cover reception capacity;
- Establish a hose. Tighten a drain stopper;
- Add in a tank necessary quantity of a concentrate of antifreeze. Missing quantity add from reception capacity, close a tank cover.
If during a trip from your engine the cooling liquid has flowed out a lot of, at all do not add it to demanded level, filling in in a tank cold water. At the hot engine the block of cylinders in this case can receive a crack or lead a head of blocks. Therefore at first allow to the engine to cool down and only a field of it add water.
The service centres apply the special delivery pumps creating in system of cooling pressure to 120 кПа to check of tightness of system of cooling.