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Fig. 210. Double process of injection: 1, 2 — a spring; 3 — size of lifting of a needle at compression of the first spring; 4 — total size of lifting of a needle; 5 — size of lifting of a needle at compression of the second spring; And — the atomizer is closed; In — предарительный injection; With — the basic injection

Atomizers spray fuel under a high pressure in the combustion chamber. For reduction of noise of combustion and взрывообразного pressure growth in the atomizer cylinder work with two springs having various characteristics. The first spring has such characteristic at which the atomizer needle rises at pressure 105 000 кПа, thus in the combustion chamber the small amount of fuel which ignites (fig. 210) moves.
The first portion of injection provides soft increase of pressure in the combustion chamber, it works to a certain extent as "match" for the main injection, with the beginning of pressure 110 000 кПа. Thus the atomizer needle completely rises from the saddle and injects the basic quantity of fuel through five apertures into the combustion chamber. The air turbulences accruing at burning, grasp fresh parts of fuel and form homogeneous and easily combustible working mix. The strong springs operating on a needle of an atomizer, prevent emission of pressure from the combustion chamber in the power supply system. Time between the beginning of injection and fuel ignition makes 0,002 with.