Ford Fokus>> Management of the power unit and the fulfilled gases>> The diesel engine power supply system — a base design

Fig. 204. Плунжерный ТНВД distributive type

Unlike petrol engines the diesel work with more high pressure in fuel system. ТНВД the diesel engine considerably differs from the fuel pump of the petrol engine. On car Focus it is established плунжерный ТНВД distributive type Bosch VP-30 which through the pressure head pipeline and atomizers forces fuel in the combustion chamber (fig. 204).

Fig. 205. Control system elements the diesel engine: 1 — the block of management РСМ EEC-V with 104 contacts and block PATS; 2 — a diagnostic socket (DLC); 3 — regulator А/С; 4 — the module of preliminary heating; 5 — a vacuum regulator (EGR); 6 — the returnable valve (EGR) with the adjusting gauge; 7 — a combination of devices; 8 — the onboard computer; 9 — an alarm lamp of an overheat of the engine; 10 — the generator; 11 — ТНВД Bosch VP-30 with the management block (PCU); 12 — the relay of inclusion of an alarm lamp of malfunction of brake system (BPP); 13 — the gauge of position of a pedal of coupling; 14 — the gauge of position of a pedal of an accelerator; 15 — the gauge of pressure of air (MAP) in an inlet collector; 16 — the storage battery; 17 — the switch (lock) of ignition; 18 — the gauge of temperature of soaked up air before турбонагнетателем (LAT); 19 — the gauge of temperature of soaked up air in a cooler наддувочного air (LAT); 20 — the gauge of temperature of a head of the block; 21 — the gauge of an angle of rotation of a cranked shaft

The pump drive is carried out by a chain from a cranked shaft. From above the pump there is an electronic block of management of the pump (РСU). The management block uses the information from gauges of position cranked and camshafts, and also the block of management of transmission and directs operating signals for the valve of a high pressure and the gauge of the beginning of injection of fuel (fig. 205).
Fuel arrives to atomizers on pipelines of equal length. Atomizers fasten tightening screws to a block head. Copper linings protect their tips from direct contact to a block head. Replace linings each time at removal of atomizers. On atomizer car Focus rather long. The direction of injection of five apertures of an atomizer is directed to the centre of the chamber of combustion.