Ford Fokus>> Ignition system>> Spark plugs>> Definition of work of the engine on appearance of a candle
On appearance of the candle removed from the working engine it is possible to define, the engine well or badly works:
- Cone of an insulator from light grey to grey colour — well prepared working mix;
- The cone of an insulator of white colour — too poor working mix, probably, the wrong moment of ignition, is faulty the management block. Check up concentration СО2;
- Touch of black colour in the form of a soot — wrong калильное the number, too rich working mix. Check up concentration СО2;
- Oil traces on electrodes — are damaged piston rings, plugs of valves, маслосъемные caps. Fuel and oil mixing is possible. Replace candles, oil and fuel mark. Again check up external a kind of candles.