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At all works on ignition you should undertake special safety measures.

The prevention
Кардиостимулятор at work with ignition system can get out of hand. Not to endanger itself, entrust this work to dealer Ford.

The engine
Candle marks
1,4 l Zetec-SE capacity of 55 kw (75 h.p.)
Motorkraft AZFS 22C
1,6 l Zetec-SE capacity of 74 kw (100 h.p.)
Motorkraft AZFS 22C
1,8 l Zetec-E capacity of 85 kw (115 h.p.)
Motorkraft AYFS 22PР 1
2,0 l Zetec-E capacity of 96 kw (130 h.p.)
Motorkraft AYFS 22PР 1
1,8 l Endura capacity of 55 kw (75 h.p.)
Motorkraft EZD 37*
1,8 l Endura-DI capacity of 66 kw (90 h.p.)
Motorkraft EZD 37*

* Candles накаливания.

But if all of you have started service of system of ignition observe following safety measures:
- At all do not concern at the included ignition of current-carrying elements of primary and secondary windings — it is life-threatening;
- Constantly switch off ignition at all service works. This position operates equally both for replacement of candles, and at connection or a detachment of wires or at connection of measuring devices;
- At the included ignition sometimes it is enough even easy rocking of the car for formation of an impulse of a high voltage. Being under a car cowl, you endanger yourselves and, besides, can damage details of system of ignition;
- If you spend welding works on the car preliminary disconnect from plugs of the storage battery both wires.