Ford Fokus>> Forward suspension bracket>> Replacement of the cross-section lever>> Removal
Removal spend in the following sequence:
- Brake the car a lay brake and ослабьте an inhaling of nuts of fastening of a wheel;
- Lift a forward part of the car, reliably having established on support. Under back wheels in addition establish клиновые an emphasis;
- Remove a forward wheel;
- Cover of a spherical support protect a soft fabric;

Fig. 242. A spherical support: 1 — a bolt; 2 — a spherical support

- Disconnect a spherical support from the cross-section lever, having turned away a bolt 1 (fig. 242 see) and using a stripper;

Fig. 243. Removal of the cross-section lever: 1 — the bottom fixing bolt; 2 — a forward bolt

- Disconnect bolts 1 and 2 (fig. 243) fastenings of the cross-section lever and remove it.