Ford Fokus>> Back suspension bracket>> The longitudinal lever>> Lever removal
Before the work beginning measure car height between a bend of a wing and the earth. Remember the given size and recheck it after the work termination. If the difference which cannot be corrected independently turns out, address on service centre Ford.
Lever removal spend in the following sequence:
cнимите a heat-shielding as it is described earlier;

Fig. 261. Removal of a brake hose: 1 — a grip; 2 — hose fastening; 3 — an arm

cнимите a brake hose also fix it by means of a grip 1 (fig. 261). Thus, you will avoid possible procedure on removal of air from brake system;
cнимите a brake hose. For this purpose turn away fastening 2 and take out a hose from an arm 33;
- Take out a cable of a manual brake from the lever as it has been described earlier;
- Turn away bolts of fastening of the shock-absorber and the forward bottom cross-section lever;
- Remove the back bottom cross-section lever;
- We remove the top cross-section lever;

Fig. 262. Removal of the longitudinal lever

- Turn away forward bolts (fig. 262) fastenings of the lever and remove it.