Ford Fokus>> Back suspension bracket>> The longitudinal lever>> Lever installation
Lever installation spend in the following sequence:
- Establish the longitudinal lever and tighten forward bolts the moment 115 Нм, bolts of fastening of the cross-section lever tighten also the moment 115 Нм;
- Establish the back bottom lever as it has been described above;
- Establish the shock-absorber below and fix the bottom forward cross-section lever bolts, having tightened their moment 115 Нм;
- Establish a spring as it has been described earlier;
- Fix a cable of a manual brake on the lever;
- Establish a brake hose;
- Check up efficiency of brakes. Probably, removal of air from brake system is required;
- Measure car height as it did earlier. If the difference with initial size makes more than 5 mm, address on service centre Ford.