Ford Fokus>> System of release of the fulfilled gases>> Check of system of release of the fulfilled gases
The release system is strongly fastened to a final collector. It is freely attached to the bottom part of a body by means of rubber details.
Check spend as follows:

Fig. 318. The rubber holder of the back muffler

- Check up rubber details on damages, anguishes and usual damages. Do not tighten with replacement of the shabby. For check move an exhaust system every which way for rubber details (fig. 318);
- Check up reliability of fastening of bolts on a collector;
- Start up the engine and close the end of a pipe by means of a rag. Already through short time the engine should stop. If you hear hissing noise or the engine continues to work, the system is not tight;
- обстучите the muffler and pipes easy blows of a hammer. On mufflers it is necessary to do it on the face party. Hammer blows should sound sonorously, burnt through steel will deafly sound.