Ford Fokus>> The appendix>> The moments of an inhaling of knots and car details, Нм>> Engines of 1,4 l and 1,6 l Zetec-SE
Engine installation
The Expert-compressor       25
Starter       47
Скоба an intermediate shaft of a drive of wheels       25
Сильфон       47
Final collector (block head)       54
Arm of the storage battery       25
The terminator of a list (engine)       48
The pressure head pipeline (the holder of the amplifier)       25
Amortizatornaja rack (nut)       48
The generator       42
The generator (the block of cylinders)       47
Wire of "weight" of a transmission       47
The heat-shielding screen of a final collector       25
Hydraulic booster arm
- Steering       23
Wire of the traction relay of a starter       6
"Weight" wire on the engine       35
Back support of the engine       48
Back support of the engine
(The central nut)       133
Forward support of the engine (nut)       80
Forward support of the engine (bolts)       48
Engine support (back nuts)       69
Engine support (back bolts)       50
Engine support (in front)       55
The cross-section lever (rotary fist)       47
Tip of steering draught       36
Bearing plate of the hydraulic booster
- Steering       25
Directing roller
- Gear belt       24
Cover of a belt of a drive
- Auxiliary units       6
The block of cylinders
The vyzhimnoj bearing       29
The gauge of frequency of rotation
- Cranked shaft       9
The engine with a transmission       47
Back cover       9
Pulley of a cranked shaft
1st stage       40
2nd stage       to tighten on 90
Flywheel bolts
1st stage       30
2nd stage       80
Hairpins of a final collector       17
Cooling system
Drain stopper of a radiator       20
The case of the thermostat       9
Pulley of the pump of a cooling liquid       24
The pump of a cooling liquid       9
The gauge of temperature of a cooling liquid       23
Greasing system
Casing of system of ventilation картера       25
Masloslivnaja stopper       37
Maslopriemnaja pipe
(The oil pump)       9
The reduktsionnyj valve       15
The oil filter       18
Tube of the index of level of oil       4
The oil pump (the block of cylinders)       9
Oil картер (transmission)       44
Oil картер
1st stage       10
2nd stage       20
Head of the block of cylinders
Inlet collector       18
Final collector       54
Elevating eye       20
The fuel distributor       15
The gauge of an angle of rotation of a camshaft       8
Cover of a head of the block        9
Маслоотражатель       6
Spark plugs       15
Bolts of a head of the block
1st stage       15
2nd stage       30
3rd stage       to tighten on 90
The klapannyj mechanism
The gauge of an angle of rotation of a cranked shaft (СКР)       9
Pulley of a camshaft       60
Covers of bearings of a camshaft
1st stage       7
2nd stage       16
The top cover of a gear belt       9
The bottom cover of a gear belt        9
Натяжитель a belt (clown)       23
Натяжитель a belt (a longitudinal groove)       20
The power supply system
The case throttle заслонки       5
The gauge of a detonation       20
Regulator of pressure       10
The distributor of fuel       10
The returnable valve        10
The reduktsionnyj valve       10
System of release of the fulfilled gases
Arm (рециркуляция the fulfilled gases)       20
The gauge a ljambda-probe        35
The return valve (the entrance pipeline)       40
The return valve (head of cylinders)       20