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Fig. 206. ТНВД Bosch VP-30: 1 — лопастный the pump; 2 — a roller ring; 3 — the gauge of an angle of rotation; 4 — the block of management of the pump (PСU); 5 — a contact socket; 6 — the axial piston; 7 — the electromagnetic valve of a high pressure; 8 — the return valve; 9 — the magnetic valve for installation of the beginning of injection (FITS); 10 — an injection regulator; 11 — a disk cam; 12 — a rotor of the gauge of operating impulses

Fuel arrives from a fuel tank through the fuel filter to ТНВД. In traditional pumps of distributive type it is established лопастный топливоподкачивающий the pump (fig. 206).

Fig. 207. The electromagnetic valve of a high pressure: 1 — a press spring; 2 — плунжер; 3 — the inlet channel; 4 — a winding; 5 — closing and opening directions; 6 — a valve needle; 7 — the channel to an atomizer

On the top cover of the pump there is a management block (PСU), it has no mechanical communication with an accelerator pedal. The electromagnetic valve of a high pressure (fig. 207) opens and closed on signals of the block of management ТНВД. This valve allows to dose out fuel by means of moving плунжерной steams. Fuel giving to an atomizer begins at the moment of closing of the electromagnetic valve, and stops at the moment of opening.