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At cold start-up, by experience, diesel engines hardly leave "slippers".
Usual diesel engines on a frost are got more hard the petrol. The system of prestarting heating facilitates start-up of diesel engines. At start-up of the cold engine the candle накаливания warms up the combustion chamber together with compressed air and fuel and by that facilitates ignition of a working mix. The system of prestarting heating works, when the ignition key established in the lock, there is in position "heating". After start-up of the cold engine the candle накаливания continues to warm up within 2 minutes, it helps to lower noise in work of the engine and toxicity of the fulfilled gases.
At work of system of heating, on a combination of devices for some seconds the alarm lamp накаливания lights up. The system of prestarting heating consists from electronic operating and electric warming up parts.
The management block is established under a cowl and regulates, depending on external temperature and engine temperature, a candle operating time накаливания. Each cylinder is heated up by a separate candle. Candles накаливания car Focus have no temperature adjustment. Soaked up fresh air does not allow them to burn down, and their highest working temperature 1050 S.Kody malfunctions of system of prestarting heating can be считаны and are erased in a specialised workshop.
When the system of prestarting heating does not work
In system of prestarting heating you will notice presence of malfunctions at start-up of the cold engine on a blue smoke from the exhaust pipe, testifying to cold burning.
For system check arrive as follows:
- Check up safety locks, special attention turn on a nest № 1;
- If everything is all right, check up pressure on a candle накаливания;
- If pressure is less 11,5 In, check up a candle накаливания;
- Disconnect a wire from one of four candles;
cоедините a control lamp with a wire and "weight";
- Remove a contact socket from the gauge of temperature of a cooling liquid and reliably fix, that there was no short circuit;
- Establish the ignition key in position "heating";
- If the control lamp burns approximately 20 with the system of prestarting heating works normally;
- If the control lamp does not burn, check up a safety lock or the relay накаливания;
- If time накаливания does not suffice, search for an error in the management block.
Relay check накаливания
For check execute the following:
- Open the assembly block of safety locks located under a cowl;
- Check up the relay (black colour, a nest № 9) on working capacity.