Ford Fokus>> Transmission>> Installation of the mechanism of management of a transmission iB5
If in your transmission inclusion of transfers occurs not accurately or to jamming not transmission but only the mechanism of management and you can independently eliminate a cause of defect can be the reason of it. Car Focus transmission joins by means of two steel cables: a cable of a gear change of white colour, a cable of a choice of transfers of black colour. To remove cables from an arm on a transmission, turn clamps counter-clockwise. Cables are replaced only together.
For installation of the mechanism of management by a transmission iB5 the following is necessary:
- Establish the gear change lever in neutral position;
- Remove the plastic panel of the lever of switching;

Fig. 223. Drill installation

- Insert a drill in diameter of 3 mm into an aperture of the basis of the lever (fig. 223);
- Lift the car on the lift or reliably fix on support;

Fig. 224. Removal of a cover of the mechanism of a gear change

- Under the car uncover the switching mechanism (fig. 224);

Fig. 225. Adjustment of a cable of a choice of transfers

- Adjust a cable 1 (fig. 225) a choice of transfers, for this purpose press a colour clamp and translate the lever 2 in average position;

Fig. 226. Cable fixing

- Move the lever towards inclusion of 3rd and 4th transfers and release. Fix a cable, having wrung out a colour clamp (fig. 226);
- Establish a cover of the mechanism of a gear change;
- Lower the car;
- Take out a drill and establish a plastic cover of the lever of a gear change.