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As installation works are substantially identical to various updatings of engines, we will be limited to the description on an example of a complete set with the engine of 1,6 l Zetec-SE. At performance of works on removal and installation of a transmission workshops Ford use the following special tool:
- The adaptation for removal of the engine 303-290 (21140);
- Adapter for 303-290, 303-290-1 (2114001);
- Adapter for 303-290, 303-290-03 (2114005);
- Adapter for 303-290, 303-290-05 (2114005);
- Adapter for 303-290, 303-290-06 (2114006);
- The adaptation for removal of power shafts 308-237 (16087).
Transmission removal spend in the following sequence:
- Disconnect a wire of "weight" from the negative plug of the storage battery;
- Turn on on 5 turns of a nut of forward rods of shock-absorbers;
- Remove the air filter together with a sleeve;
- Disconnect a tube from the working cylinder of coupling and remove an arm. Wipe the come to light brake liquid;
- Lift the car and remove a contact socket from the switch of light of a backing and the gauge of speed;
- Uncover the gear change mechanism. Remove cables from an arm, having turned clamps clockwise;
- Remove from both parties cross-section levers of a forward suspension bracket (fig. 231);
- Remove скобу fastenings of the intermediate bearing of the right shaft of a drive of wheels;
- Pull out both shaft of a drive of wheels from a transmission and cautiously bring by means of a wire to the bottom part of a body. It is important not to bend hinges on the big corner: the maximum bend angle for internal hinges makes 18 , for external — 45 ;
- Aperture in a transmission close a pure rag for prevention of leak of oil;
- Remove a starter;
- Separate a reception pipe of the muffler;

Fig. 231. Removal of the cross-section lever of a forward suspension bracket

Fig. 231а. Removal of a support of the engine

- Remove engine support ( Fig. 231 , And );
- Uncover a belt of a drive of auxiliary units;
- Lower the car on a floor;
- Workshops Ford grasp the engine by means of various adaptations;
- Remove back support of the engine;
- Remove an arm of the tube connecting the working cylinder of coupling;
- Remove an arm of a back support of the engine;
- Turn out the top bolts of fastening of a transmission and lower the power unit, how much it is possible;
- Cautiously lower the car;
- Turn out the most accessible bolts of fastening of a transmission, having left only two. Remove an arm of the pipeline of the hydraulic booster of a steering;
- Incline the power unit and prop up its wooden blocks (length about 300 mm);
- Fix a transmission so that it has not fallen, and turn out last two фланцевых a bolt then remove a transmission from the engine.
Transmission installation spend to sequences, return to removal, thus:
- Use only new самоконтрящиеся nuts;
- Remove air from a coupling hydrodrive as it is described earlier;
- Adjust the mechanism of management of a transmission as it is described earlier;
- Start up the engine and warm up it to working temperature. Check up tightness of connections and reliability of carving fastenings;
- Make a trial trip run not less than 20 km. In this time electronic control systems of the engine and the car should be activated. If you find out failures in engine work, for example non-uniformity of rotation of a cranked shaft of the engine idling, поезжайте on specialised station Ford where to you will reprogram the management block anew;
- After a trial trip again check up levels of working liquids, reliability of fixing connections and tightness шланговых.