Ford Fokus>> Introduction>> HOW TO USE THE GIVEN REPAIR MANUAL
Qualitative car repairs it is possible to expect at strict observance of sequence of the working operations stated in the given management and resulted in it of illustrations. In a management in the form of the table specifications and sizes of adjustable parametres are resulted. It is necessary to remember that in a management parametres on several complete sets of cars are given at once, therefore choose them only for the.
Such clear all operations how, for example, to open a cowl before work in подкапотном space or to remove wheels before work with brakes, in the given management are not mentioned.
At difficult works of operation are described in more details. It is necessary to consider that for successful performance of operations special knowledge and a necessary operational experience are required. At performance of more difficult works it is necessary to use the specialised service centres.
At maintenance service or car repairs performance observe following rules.
Apply only pure bolts and nuts, without damages and with small greasing. In doubtful cases use new bolts and nuts, самоконтривающиеся nuts should be replaced after each dismantle.
At work always use the table of the moments of inhalings according to the values resulted in it which are in most cases shown in groups and corresponding heads of the given management form.
The used linings, lock and прокладочные washers, шплинты, sealing rings replace with the new. At work with epiploons before their installation grease working edges with greasing, and also correctly focus their internal and external parties.
The left and right parties of the car are accepted in a direction of its movement.
Pay special attention that before the beginning of works with brakes, a suspension bracket or a body the car should be reliably fixed on support.
The jack serves only for replacement of wheels. In a case if you are going to use it for repair, lift with its help the car and fix on steady supports (tripod). It makes sense to use supports when you work with a mobile jack. It is impossible to use as support a brick, a log, hollow стеновой the block etc.
Fuel, greasings, oils, protective means of a body and other mineral substances destroy the materials made of polymers. They have destroying an effect on consolidations and brake hoses. Therefore clear whenever possible details of brake system only a brake liquid, spirit or a special cleaner. Do not forget that the brake liquid not only гигроскопична, but also is poisonous, it corrodes the surfaces covered with a varnish. Utilise the used brake liquid with observance of safety rules.