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Replacement of wheels spend in the following sequence:
- Lift the lever of a lay brake, include 1st transfer or a backing. On the general road include an emergency signal and put an emergency triangle;
- Fix the car against possible congress for what enclose under wheels on the other hand a support or a stone;
- Remove a decorative wheel cap. For this purpose insert a screw-driver between a cap and a disk and remove it;
- ослабьте the inhaling moment of all of 4 bolts of fastening of a wheel (on one turn);
- Lift the car, put a jack in the place intended only for it on the car bottom;
- Turn away wheel bolts;
- Will remove a wheel and establish the spare;
- Wrap by hand wheel bolts cross-wise;
- Lower the car, tighten bolts the moment not exceeding 85 Нм;
- Establish a decorative cap, correctly will expose the chamber gate;
- Check up the moment of an inhaling of wheel bolts after 10 km of run;
- The maximum speed with an emergency wheel of 80 km/h.