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Ford Fokus>> Wheels and tyres>> Replacement of wheels>> Correct storage of wheels
After summer or winter wheels are removed, it is necessary for you to find a suitable place for their warehousing. For this purpose the dry, cold and dark premise in the best way approaches. Store gasoline, engine oil, greasing and other chemicals far away from tyres, they can destroy in due course rubber.
At storage arrive as follows:
- Will mark a direction of rotation and a position of installation by means of a chalk: software — forward right, ПЛ — forward left, ЗП — back right, ЗЛ — back left;
- Remove tyres, wash out water and dry. Clear drawing of a protector of all inclusions;
- Wheels in gathering put nearby with each other better on a wooden flooring;
- Tyres without disks can be put against each other. From time to time turn them.