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Forward wheels are most loaded, therefore they wear out faster, than back. Regularly look through a condition of forward wheels — is better at the lifted car.
Check of a condition of tyres spend in the following sequence:
- Completely turn a wheel and remove stones and other foreign impurities from working surfaces of the tyre. If on a tyre surface already costs a fragment of glass or a nail, in this case the tyre the expert, should look even then when air does not leave;
- Pay attention to damages, such as traces from pricks, cuts, risks and the torn cord. Even at small damage which is difficult for defining visually, the moisture can get in the tyre. The expert let will check up;
- Depth of drawing of a protector on all working surface of the tyre should not be less than 2 mm. Depth of a residual profile on other sites of the tyre measure similarly. There, where on a lateral surface there is a designation twi, it means presence of the indicator of deterioration of a working surface, depth of drawing of a protector cannot be less than 1,6 mm, you should replace that hour the tyre as the behaviour of the car on road with the worn out protector considerably worsens, in particular on a wet covering. Replace summer tyres already at height of a residual profile of 2,5 mm. Winter tyres lose coupling qualities already at height of a profile of 4,5 mm.

Fig. 329. Unilateral deterioration

Check uniformity of deterioration of all tyres. Look on a tyre lateral face: camber — the obvious certificate of the damaged skeleton (fig. 329 and 330).

Fig. 330. Deterioration of a protector in the middle