Ford Fokus>> Management of the power unit and the fulfilled gases>> Independent work with injection system can be limited>> Негерметичность in system of giving of air creates errors for the management block
If there are leaky connections in system of giving of air it can lead to infringement of the signals arriving in the block of management, and wrong preparation of a working mix. Atomizers can submit to the engine smaller quantity of fuel — a mix impoverished. Thus the engine on idling turns works with characteristic metal noise. At full loadings of the engine also it is possible to hear this noise. That engine details have not been damaged, the detonation gauge constantly is in work, defining detonation presence in cylinders then the ignition moment in them is established by later.
Periodically check:
- Connections of vacuum hoses;
- Hoses and the branch pipes concerning system of injection;
- Consistently spray a special spray шланговые and фланцевые connections. There, where after spraying the number of turns of the engine will change, there is a leak.