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Atomizer check spend on the cold engine as follows:
- Check up pressure on the tip of an atomizer by means of a light-emitting diode tester (not a control lamp);
- Start the engine. Tester light-emitting diodes should blink, if are not present, pressure is absent.
- Measure an ohmmeter resistance on atomizer contacts. At temperature 20 C the resistance size should be 14,51 the Ohm;
- If the size does not correspond to the given value — replace an atomizer;

Fig. 203. Removal of the fuel distributor

- Remove the fuel distributor together with atomizers, having turned away two bolts (fig. 203);
- Remove the tip from atomizers, thus топливопровод remains attached;
- Some times switch on and off ignition that has earned the fuel pump and in fuel system pressure could be created.
Check of a stream of an atomizer
Check of a stream of an atomizer check in the following sequence:
- Check up consistently each atomizer, on each atomizer one drop if more — replace an atomizer should act only;
- For check of a stream of injection leave attached топливопроводы for all atomizers. Remove tips from atomizers, leave only on checked and put reception capacity;
- Include ignition — the atomizer should выпрыскивать a stream of fuel of the round form;
- Repeat check of each atomizer.