Ford Fokus>> Introduction>> Councils of professionals at work with carving connection>> Отворачивание screws with direct and crosswise шлицами
After time bolts can "become attached", so excessive demands will be made to a normal screw-driver. The crosswise screw-driver will approach hardly as will start to jump out from шлицов and already after several attempts the head collapses also the screw practically not to turn off.
Try to release "the become attached" screw faltering blows of a hammer. If the screw head is inaccessible to a hammer, put a suitable screw-driver with protected from проскальзывания the handle and try to turn away the screw blows on the screw-driver handle.
Often happens to eliminate enough the corrosion which has accumulated on a screw head then the screw turns away in the usual way.
If thus the screw was not possible to turn on, try to make it by means of a shock screw-driver and a suitable head. The shock screw-driver will transform each blow of a hammer to a rotary motion of the screw to which almost any screw cannot resist.