Ford Fokus>> Brake system>> Check of a condition of brake system
Check of brake system on a dry place, in dry weather.
Check spend in the following sequence:
- Check up all шланговые connections and connections of pipelines, and also brake mechanisms. Dark stains and damp places are the certificate of leak of a brake liquid;
- Check up brake hoses. They should not have shabby places through which the liquid can filter. If you have found out it, immediately replace them with new hoses;
- Clear brake pipelines outside aerosol means for drawing of polymeric protection. The pipeline will become covered by a protective polymeric layer. Do not apply to clearing a grinding skin or a metal brush. If the protective layer nevertheless is damaged, put on the pipeline a layer of earth for protection against a rust. If you have found out corrosion ulcers, change of the form or dints of stones on the brake pipeline, immediately replace the damaged pipelines;
- On valves for removal of air from brake system dustproof caps should be established;
- In the spring and check pressure in brake system in the autumn. For this purpose press a pedal of a brake with full force and hold about one minute, thus a pedal should not "fail" to a floor. If it occurs, means имееются defective cuffs in the main brake cylinder or brake mechanisms. Find damp places and eliminate malfunction.