Ford Fokus>> Brake system>> Check of working capacity of brakes

Check brake system in the street where there is no danger to movement. Find road with a good, equal covering. On the car with ABS switch off this system.
Check spend as follows:
- Begin movement with speed of the pedestrian. Press a pedal of coupling and sharply brake. Compare the remained traces on road, they should be identical length. Similar test spend with a lay brake;
- Move directly with a speed of 50 km/h and start to brake at first softly and then sharply to a stop. The car should keep rectilinear movement to a full stop. If it "withdraws" aside necessarily check up brakes on the test bed;
- After the spent tests try to move накатом from a small bias, thereby you will check up, whether wheels easily rotate. After a short trip check up ободы wheels on heating — all should be equally нагреты.