Ford Fokus>> Introduction>> Lifting of the car by means of a jack>> Reliable installation of the car
Establish the car on a firm equal platform and take out prior to the beginning of works heavy things from salon and a luggage carrier.
Brake the car a lay brake. For большей safety establish under one of not braked wheels клиновой an emphasis, at emergency the stone will approach also.

Fig. 33. Reference points for installation of a mobile jack or the lift: 1, 2 — designations of points of installation of a jack

And баллонный a key you will find a jack in a luggage space. Before you establish a jack under the designated ledge on a threshold, will expose a jack so that the jack lever has approached on height to a threshold. Pay attention mainly to that the lever stood perpendicularly in relation to a body. It is very important, that the jack has been established on the designated reference points (fig. 33). If you establish mobile a jack between a jack and a body threshold it is necessary to put the wooden prorate for loading distribution.
Lift your car to the demanded working height and prop up a body in a suitable place of the bottom by means of supports, use thus for distribution of loading of a lining, for example, from firm rubber, a tree.
Before to establish supports, check up reference points — whether there are on them profile bends, wires, fuel or brake tubes.
Trenozhnye support stand more reliably if one of support is directed outside, and two others — to the car centre. Pay attention to a platform for car installation.