Ford Fokus>> Cooling system>> The pump of a cooling liquid>> Removal and pump installation on engines Zetec-E
Pump removal spend in the following sequence:
- Disconnect a wire from the negative plug of the storage battery;
- Merge cooling liquid from cooling system as it is described earlier;
- Remove a pump pulley as it is described earlier, before it ослабьте a tension of a belt of a drive of auxiliary units and remove it;
- Remove a gear belt of drive ГРМ as it is described earlier;
cнимите a directing roller as it is described earlier;
- Remove a hose from the pump case;
- Remove the pump, preliminary having turned on at first the bottom fixing bolts and then top;
- Clear привалочную an engine surface. Old consolidation cannot be used again.
Pump installation spend to sequences, return to removal. Bolts of fastening of the pump tighten at first the moment 18 Нм and then 38 Нм. Check up before the first start-up of the engine of a phase timing.