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Fig. 21. The Portable lamp will help you indoors or poorly shined garage

Fig. 22. The stripper concerns the obligatory tool for each workshop. It is required to you if it is necessary to remove a nave of a wheel or выпрессовать hinges: 1 — трехзахватный a stripper; 2 — двухзахватный a stripper; 3 — a stripper with internal captures

Fig. 23. 1 — клеммные flat-nose pliers, are regulated by the adjusting screw on the handle; 2 — a clamp

Fig. 24. Mobile a jack: 1 — the rubber overlay interfering damages of the case; 2 — wooden брусок for loading distribution

Fig. 25. At replacement of oil the stripper of the oil filter is necessary for you

Fig. 26. The zarjadnoe device with current strength adjustment. It is especially necessary in the winter at short trips when the generator has not time to recharge the storage battery completely

Fig. 27. The Dinamometrichesky key is an integral part of the tool of the driver. After achievement of the set twisting moment динамометрический the key is switched off

Fig. 28. The automobile tester is necessary For measurement of characteristics of an electric equipment

Fig. 29. The set щупов is necessary for gauging of a backlash of valves or wheel gauges of system AVS

Fig. 30. 1 — peaked contact; 2 — "crocodile" for isolation removal, without them it is possible to damage a copper wire

By means of the basic tool you can independently finish many works on service and repair. But the special tool is necessary for some works for you. Sellers offer variety of tools and the devices, capable to facilitate work. What it makes sense to get? On this question the answer to a Fig. 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30.