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Ford Fokus>> Brake system>> Check of working capacity of brakes>> Check of deterioration of brake disks
Check spend in the following sequence:

Fig. 283. Gauging of palpation of a brake disk

- Lift the car and reliably fix on supports and remove a wheel. Diameter of brake disks of forward wheels 258 mm, a thickness make of 22 mm. Face palpation of a brake disk should be no more than 0,05 mm. Diameter of brake disks of back wheels 252,7 mm, a thickness make of 10 mm. Face palpation no more than 0,5 mm (fig. 283);
- Slightly grown dull, with a blue shade disks are considered as the normal;
- Pay attention to deep risks on brake disks. They are formed because of the dirt which has got on overlays. Traces to 3 mm of depth are admissible. Remove overlays and remove foreign impurities from a material of overlays;
- Thickness of brake disks measure by means of a calliper is better. Disks with risks can be ground. In need of replacement or disk grinding on one wheel it is necessary for making and for another.