Ford Fokus>> Brake system>> Lay brake>> Replacement of a drive of a lay brake
Removal spend in the following sequence:
- Lift the car and steadily fix on supports. Will remove wheels;
- Lower the lever of a lay brake;
- Remove the average console;

Fig. 295. Removal of a cable of a manual brake: 1 — a clip; 2 — an adjusting nut

- ослабьте a cable tension, for this purpose remove a clip 1 (fig. 295) and turn away a nut 2;
- Prop up an exhaust pipe by means of a support and release a pendant support;
cнимите the central pendant support;
- Remove the heat-shielding screen;
- Remove a cable of a lay brake from the jack, for this purpose a cable squeeze out from directing and turn on 90 ;

Fig. 296. Removal of the directing

- Release a cable with a cover from directing (fig. 296);
- Remove clips from a cable and directing;

Fig. 297. Removal of a cable of a lay brake: 1 — the lever of a lay brake; 2 — a cable; 3 — a clip; 4 — a cover

- Remove a cable, for this purpose the lever 1 (fig. 297) a manual brake pull back, remove a cable 2, remove a clip 3 of directing, remove a cable 4 with a cover.
Installation spend in the following sequence;
- Establish all details in sequence, return to removal;
- Adjust a lay brake;
- Make a trial trip at which cautiously pull a manual cable and watch uniformity of braking of both back wheels.