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On engines of car Focus the demanded tension приводного a belt provides automatic натяжитель. You should not worry About a tension of a belt. But periodically pay attention to a roller натяжителя. If you have not noticed anything unusual, start up the engine and observe of roller movement, it should, for example, at conditioner inclusion (if that is available) at high turns to fluctuate a little. On a belt there should not be cracks, the ruptures, the shabby edges. At their presence replace a belt. Pay attention to that the new belt had similar marks.

Elimination of malfunctions of the storage battery and the generator
The reason
Elimination method
The bulb of the control of a charge of the storage battery does not light up at the included lock of ignition
The storage battery is discharged
Try to start up the engine by means of the external power supply or car towage
The wires connected to plugs of the battery, their unreliable connection on plugs are damaged or they are oxidised
Check up the wires connected to the battery, and plugs
The alarm lamp is faulty
Replace a lamp
Chain rupture between the lock of ignition, an alarm lamp and the generator
Check up a chain by means of a control lamp
The pressure regulator is faulty
Replace a pressure regulator.
The generator is faulty
The generator give to repair or replace
Because of a moisture in the generator contact between contact rings and brushes was broke
Blow the generator the compressed air, if necessary clean contact rings and pieces of coal
The alarm lamp burns or burns low at the working engine
Weak tension of a belt of a drive of auxiliary units, or it is torn
Check up a tension of a belt of a drive of auxiliary units or replace it
Unreliable connection in contact sockets of the generator
Check up contact sockets of the generator
Damp surface of the storage battery
Battery accumulators are overflowed by the distilled water
Pump out surpluses of water
Ventilating apertures of stoppers are littered
Clean ventilating apertures by means of a pin
Intensive allocation of vials of gas in the storage battery
The pressure regulator is faulty
Check up a regulator of pressure or replace it