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Ford Fokus>> Electric equipment>> The storage battery

Consistently included six accumulators form the storage battery (12). One accumulator consists of the block of positive and negative plates which together create pressure 12 V.Plastiny consist of lead lattices which are filled with active electrolit. Positive plates are made from окиси lead, and negative — of pure lead. Between them the separator is established. It divides plates, preventing short circuit, but the electrolit can pass through its minute pores. The electrolit is a current-carrying liquid which approximately on 30 % consists of the acid concentrated by a chamois and on 63 % from the distilled water.
In the battery pass the chemical processes connected with a power consumption and accumulation of energy. The primary goal of the battery is starter maintenance at start-up of the engine by necessary capacity. Depending on the engine and starter type in a short space of time it can spend to 2000 Vt.