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External illumination of car Focus concern: headlights and antifog headlights, lamps of dimensional light and a braking signal, a lamp of light of a backing, a lamp of indexes of turn and the alarm system, a lamp of illumination of licence plate. The majority of devices of external illumination consist of light sources, reflectors and рассеивателя. As light sources for headlights and antifog headlights are put галогенные lamps. Car Focus headlights have a reflector of the difficult form on which surface the thin aluminium covering is put. Reflectors focus light and increase light efficiency. At weaker passing light the top half of reflector is used only. The passing light is distribution of a light stream with asymmetric border of light and a shade. At such decision the maximum force of light turns out on the right side of the car. Specially developed system рассеивателей focuses uniform light of a reflector by means of cylindrical lenses, prisms and parallel planes in a desirable direction. Рассеиватели are made of plastic which is easier formed and besides almost on 70 % it is easier, than glass. At badly adjusted headlights in damp weather you blind meeting half-way cars. Therefore check installation of headlights of your car, it is better to do it in the specialised service centres.