Ford Fokus>> Steering>> Replacement of tips of steering draughts
Both tips on the right and at the left привернуты to cross-section draught. At damage of a tip there is no necessity to change all draught.
Tip replacement spend in the following sequence:
- Lift a forward part of the car and reliably fix on supports, remove forward wheels;
- ослабьте the inhaling moment самоконтрящейся nuts of fastening of a spherical finger to a rotary fist. Put a stripper with pads or a stripper for spherical hinges Ford 13-006;
- Squeeze out a spherical finger from a rotary fist, a nut completely turn on;
- Turn away a lock nut of a tip on a turn quarter. Turn away a tip of steering draught, having remembered number of turns;

Fig. 268. Distance which should be kept at installation of a new tip of steering draught

- Establish a new tip, having wrapped it on the same number of turns. Other operations spend to sequences, return to removal (fig. 268 and 269).

Fig. 269. Tip installation