Ford Fokus>> Brake system>> Brake скоба and pistons of brake cylinders>> Dismantling and assemblage brake скобы
Dismantling spend in the following sequence:
- Remove грязезащитные a cover;
- To avoid damage of pistons, put between the piston and скобой the wooden or synthetic prorate;
- Leave the valve for air removal by the closed and compressed air squeeze out the piston from the cylinder through an aperture under a hose;
- Be cautious, pistons hit about wooden or synthetic overlays;
- Pull out pistons from the case скобы;
- Check up pistons on presence of through corrosion or рисок, otherwise establish new pistons;
- Rough touch of a rust in a forward part of the cylinder erase cautiously by means of trihedral шабера. Thus do not damage a working surface of the cylinder;
- Clear all скобу spirit for lighters or a special cleaning liquid of firm "Ate";
- Blow скобу compressed air.
Assemblage brake скобы spend in the following sequence:
- The dry case of the cylinders, new cuffs of the piston and pistons moisten before assemblage by brake liquid Super DOT-4;
- Establish a new cuff in проточку the piston and pay attention to its elasticity. Check up it a finger;
- Establish on the piston new грязезащитный a cover;
- Insert in regular intervals two fingers the piston into the cylinder so that грязезащитный the cover was convenient for fixing on скобе;
- Finish installation in sequence of return to removal.