Ford Fokus>> Introduction>> Choice of additional options>> The engine of 1,4 l Zetec 16V working объемом1388 sm3 and capacity of 55 kw (75 h.p.)

Fig. 38. Base engine Zetec-SE of 1,4 l, capacity of 75 h.p. at 5000 mines-1

The engine of 1,4 l Zetec-SE has been established for the first time on car Fiesta-96 (fig. 38). For improvement of the characteristic of a twisting moment in the field of low and average turns capacity of the engine has been lowered about 66 kw (90 h.p.) to 55 kw (75 h.p.). Thus the twisting moment has grown on 25 % and has made 123 Нм at 3500 mines-1. On car Focus the engine works with большей compression degree, than on Fiesta, besides, the working mix arrives directly in the combustion chamber. As a result the car has received the best dynamics.