Ford Fokus>> Introduction>> Choice of additional options>> The engine of 2,0 l 16V Zetec-E in working volume 1988 sm3 and capacity of 96 kw (130 h.p.)

Fig. 40. Engine Zetec-E of 2.0 l capacity of 130 h.p. at 5500 mines-1

Main objective at designing of 2,0 l Zetec-E (fig. 40) was achievement of optimum relations between the maximum capacity, the characteristic of a twisting moment and vibration. Increase of working volume with 1,8 to 2 l has occurred at the expense of increase in diameter of the piston, thus the cranked shaft and a rod remained without changes from the engine of 1,8 l Zetec-E. The maximum capacity is reached at 5500 mines-1, and the maximum twisting moment — at 4500 mines-1.