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Fig. 45. Fixation of a cranked shaft by means of the special tool 21-210

Fig. 46. Fixation at assemblage of camshafts by the special adjusting adaptation 21-162 Zetec, 21-162-А Zetec-SE at position of 1st cylinder in the top dead point

At many kinds of works to the engine happens it is necessary to fix a cranked shaft in position when the piston of the first cylinder is in ВМТ. Valves of 1st cylinder in this case are closed. Readout of cylinders is conducted from a forward part of the car.
On the majority of old engines position of the piston of 1st cylinder in ВМТ. It is checked by position бегунка the ignition distributor (бегунок costs against corresponding marks on the distributor case), and marks on a flywheel coincide with marks in a viewing aperture. It can be made, cautiously pushing the car before installation of the piston of 1st cylinder in ВМТ, thus it is better to include 5th transfer.

The prevention
On engines of series Zetec and Endura — do not try to turn a cranked shaft for a gear belt — the belt can imperceptibly jump on one tooth that will lead to change of phases timing. Management time in this case will change, damages of a drive of a camshaft and the piston case are programmed.