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In section repair of models with a mechanical transmission is described. Repair of models with an automatic box is similar, without considering little changes. The engine falls with a transmission downwards through a motor compartment. For this purpose the workplace with an elevating platform or a jack with corresponding load-carrying capacity, with steady support, and also a rigid assembly table on rollers is necessary for you. Workshops Ford work with the following tool:
- The elevating mechanism for the engine 303-122 (21068А);
- Clips of hoses of cooling, the tool for removal and installation 303-397 (24003), разборочное the adaptation;
- The tool for removal of a drive of wheels 308-237 (16087).
Pay attention to following general instructions:
- Before a detachment of a wire of "weight" from the negative plug of the storage battery write down all codes of malfunction of your car, in particular, radio receiver codes, its kept radio stations etc. In memory of the electronic block of management after switching-off of the plug of the storage battery codes are erased. The management block includes the emergency program and usually restores codes in movement already after 16 km of run. If it does not occur to your car it is necessary to go to dealer Ford and to restore the electronic block of management — procedure occupies some minutes. These instructions are valid at all works at which you disconnect a wire of "weight" from the negative plug of the storage battery;
- If you plan engine diagnostics, merge engine oil and remove the oil filter. Workshops usually use special nippers for removal of collars of hoses. Provide itself with such tool.
- Never open a stopper plum of a cooling liquid or a cover of a broad tank on the hot engine — you risk to be scalded!
Further working operations for engines Zetec-SE, Zetec-E and Endura-DI) are resulted.