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Lamps of headlights distant and a passing light, and also forward lamps of dimensional light are in one case. For their replacement there is no necessity to remove the case. Lift a cowl and open a protective cover of the corresponding case.

The prevention
Never take hands галогенные lamps for glass flasks, always only for a cartridge. Apply to replacement only lamps with the ultra-violet filter.

Lamp replacement in a headlight spend as follows.
Headlight lamps
Switch off light of headlights and ignition;
- Open a cowl;

Fig. 312. Removal of a cover of a headlight

- Compress a clamp and remove a back cover from the headlight case (fig. 312);
- Remove a contact socket, disconnect a clamp of a lamp and take out a lamp from a cartridge;
- Establish a new lamp, attach a contact socket and close a cover.
Lamp of dimensional light
Turn a lamp cartridge to the right and take out from the case;

Fig. 313. Replacement of lamps of near, distant and dimensional light

- Insert a new lamp, attach a contact socket and close a cover (fig. 313).