Ford Fokus>> Engines>> Engine dismantling>> Removal of engine Endura-DI from transmission МТХ-75
For performance of these works the lift or a jack corresponding on load-carrying capacity and steady supports, and also a rigid, mobile assembly table is required to you. Workshops Ford equip with the special tool for dismantling of a drive of forward wheels 308-192 (16057).
Removal of the power unit spend in a following order:
- Remove wires from plugs of the storage battery;
- Remove the battery;
- Remove an arm of the storage battery;

Fig. 83. Cooler removal наддувочного air

- Remove a cooler sleeve наддувочного air and a radiator (fig. 83), preliminary plums cooling liquid;
- Remove a casing of the air filter;
- Remove soaking up air line;
- Remove wires from the generator, candles накаливания and the fuel pump;

Fig. 84. Kotaktnye sockets: 1 — the central contact socket; 2 — a contact socket of the switch of light of a backing; 3 — the holder of wires

- Separate the central contact socket 1 (fig. 84) and a contact socket of the switch of light of a backing 2 (fig. 84), remove the holder of wires;
- Remove vacuum hoses and a contact socket from the system valve рециркуляции the fulfilled gases (EGR);
- Remove hoses of system of cooling from the thermostat;
- Disconnect hoses of system of cooling from a broad tank and a radiator;
- Remove a broad tank;
- Lift the car on the lift;
- Remove the bottom cover of a belt of a drive of auxiliary units;
- ослабьте a belt also remove;
- Remove an arm of the pump of the hydraulic booster of a steering;
- Disconnect топливопроводы, be cautious: fuel is under pressure;
- Turn on on 5 turns of a nut of fastening of rods of shock-absorbers from two parties;

Fig. 85. Contact sockets

- Remove contact sockets, having unclenched them (fig. 85);
- Again lift the car;
cнимите wires from a starter also disconnect a wire of connection with "weight";
- Remove the bottom cover of a radiator;

Fig. 86. Removal of the bottom cross-beam

- Disconnect a contact socket from a sound signal, turn away bolts of fastening of the bottom cross-beam and with a radiator lower downwards (fig. 86);
- Disconnect the mechanism of management from a transmission, for this purpose turn the basic ring located on an arm, clockwise;
- Disconnect steering draught, remove the stabilizer of cross-section stability and the left cross-section lever of a suspension bracket;
- Remove the right cross-section lever of a suspension bracket;
- Supporting каталитический neutralizer, separate фланцевое connection;
cлейте oil from a transmission then turn a drain stopper the moment 25 Нм;
- Remove both shaft of a drive of forward wheels as it has been described earlier;
- Disconnect a tube from the working cylinder of coupling;
- Remove a starter;
- Fix the engine with a transmission on an assembly table by means of wooden wedges and couplers;
- Disconnect both support of the engine;
- Cautiously lift the car so that from under it it is possible to deduce an assembly table;
- Disconnect a transmission from the engine.