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Base details of engines of series Zetec-E a little than differ from knots of engines of series Zetec-SE. Details krivoshipno-shatunnogo the mechanism are taken from family Endura. The Noise level of engines of series Е is less on 5 дБ. However is available in details and a considerable difference. So, for example, in krivoshipno-shatunnom the mechanism for reduction of inertial forces of the second order pistons and rods are executed in the form of the facilitated design. The block of cylinders became more rigid thanks to the strengthened support of bearings and application of an aluminium frame which, is similar to engines of 1,4 and 1,6 l, приворачивается to the block of cylinders bolts.

Fig. 54. The external high-speed characteristic of engine Zetec-SE 1,8 – 2,0 l

The car with the engine of 1,8 l Zetec-E is dispersed from 0 to 100 km/h for 10,2 with, thus the maximum speed makes 198 km/h (fig. 54). The expense of fuel of the car with the engine of 1,8 l Zetec-Е makes 7,5 l on 100 km of run, with the engine in working volume of 2 l — 8,5 l, thus its maximum speed on 3 km/h is more, and speed of dispersal to 100 km/h — on 1 with less.

Fig. 55. The engine of 1,8-2,0 l Zetec-E 16V: 1 — a tank of the hydraulic booster of a steering; 2 — a stopper маслозаливной mouths; 3 — a tank of a working liquid of brake system and coupling; 4 — the assembly block of safety locks and the relay; 5 — the air filter; 6 — a tank of a washer of a windscreen; 7 — the storage battery; 8 — the identification tablet; 9 — a measuring instrument of level of oil; 10 — a broad tank of system of cooling