Ford Fokus>> Engines>> Variants of engines Ford Focus>> The engine 2000 modelling years — Endura-DI, capacity of 55 kw (75 h.p.) and 66 kw (90 h.p.)

Fig. 56. The external high-speed characteristic of engine Endura-DI capacity of 55 kw (75 h.p.) and 66 kw (90 h.p.)

On the basic indicators the turbodiesel repeats the engine of 1,8 l Endura-DE (44 kw), established on Ford Fiesta. A design of pistons and a cylinder head are developed for system with direct injection of fuel. Engines with direct injection of fuel concern the most economic and non-polluting (fig. 56).

Fig. 57. The turbodiesel engine of 1,8 l Endura-DI: 1 — a tank of the hydraulic booster of a steering; 2 — a stopper маслозаливной mouths; 3 — a tank of a working liquid of brake system and coupling; 4 — the assembly block of safety locks and the relay; 5 — the air filter; 6 — a tank of a washer of a windscreen; 7 — the storage battery; 8 — the identification tablet; 9 — a measuring instrument of level of oil; 10 — a broad tank of system of cooling

Both diesel engines successfully combine мощностные characteristics with indicators under the fuel expense. Engines electronic module Ford EEC-V c operates new characteristics. On engines are established плунжерный the fuel pump of a high pressure (ТНВД) distributive type, a two-spring atomizer, каталитический neutralizer. Турбокомпрессор, placed in a final collector, it is applied with an intermediate cooler наддувочного air. The geometry of an inlet collector provides the additional inertial pressurisation compensating failures in work of the turbine (fig. 57).
Engines with direct injection can be carried to the most economic, however in work are characterised by the raised noise and vibration.
For increase of comfort the electronic pedal of the gas, allowing to lower vibration on a pedal is offered to the driver. Vibration reduction is promoted by application of new designs of support of the engine, an aluminium frame between the block of cylinders and oil картером, and also a cranked shaft from a high-strength steel. Total constructive actions have allowed to lower vibration of engine Endura to level petrol Zetec.
On engine Endura 1753 sm3 capacity growth occurs to working volume on the top turns and a twisting moment — on averages. On a variant of the engine already on the maximum turns of idling the twisting moment makes of 66 kw (90 h.p.) 110 Нм, and the maximum twisting moment 200 Нм is necessary on 1000 2000 mines-1. On a variant of the engine of 55 kw (75) maximum moment 175 Нм is necessary on 1800 mines-1. Always it is enough this moment for movement on 5 transfer on a city and in the country. The car with the engine of 66 kw develops the maximum speed of 184 km/h, and with the engine of 55 kw — 168 km/h. The sedan with the engine of 55 kw is dispersed to 100 km/h for 14,7 with, and with the engine of 66 kw — for 12,5 with. The average expense of fuel of the car with both variants of engines is hardly above 5,1 l on 100 km of run.