Ford Fokus>> Electric equipment>> The storage battery>> Check of a regulator of pressure
Check of a regulator of pressure spend in a following order:
- Attach a multimeter between the plug + (a red cable) the generator and "weight";
- Start up the engine and within two minutes support frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft in limits from 3000 to 4000 mines-1 (for a diesel engine approximately from 1800 to 2500 mines-1) that the generator has got warm to temperature 80 With;
- Include lamps of dimensional light, radio or the fan. At the given loading in a network the current in a chain corresponds from 3 to 7 And, thus pressure of a regulator should be between 13,5 and 14,8 In;
- If you have received higher value of pressure, it means that the regulator defective and should be replaced. At too small value of pressure by experience it is possible to assume that there is a deterioration of coal contacts. In this case carry generator out repairs in the service centre.