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The designation is located on the battery case. For example, marks on the case 12V 40Ah 200A mean: 12V — pressure on battery plugs; 40Ah — nominal capacity; 200А — a test current of the category in a cold condition.
The rated voltage of the storage battery for all models Focus cоставляет 12 V.Fakticheskoe pressure depends from заряженности batteries, it can be above or below nominal.
The nominal capacity is a current which completely charged storage battery can give during 20 ч, at temperature 27 With without a power failure on plugs not below 10,5 Century
The control current of a discharge in a cold condition reflects an indicator of the given capacity on a current of the storage battery when it is in a cold condition. A current of a discharge which the 12-volt battery can give out at temperature–18 With, without that pressure has not fallen more low 9 In during 30 with and 6 In during 150 with.
Self-discharge — chemical process the leader proceeding in the battery consumers are not attached to its discharge when to it. The charged, new automobile battery daily loses approximately 0,5 % of the charge. The heat, damage or pollution of covers of the battery accelerate self-discharge process.